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Spring 4-15-2022


The past is never gone in The Buried Train, a collection of three stories that engages with memory, memoir and postmodernism. “A Patchwork Person” melds fiction and nonfiction across a novella-length metaphysical detective story as an alter ego of the writer goes on a cross-country search for her missing, Pynchon-obsessed stepfather. “The Nature of Love is Lingering” uses the personal essay as an exploration of the writer’s alcoholic father and his legacy in her life. “The Buried Train,” a short fiction story, investigates childhood trauma reemerging in the relationship between the writer and her brother as they seek out a flood-ravaged New Mexico ghost town. Themes of family, the search for the self and (of course) trains unite this trio of tales.

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MFA Creative Writing

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Daniel Mueller

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Justin Bendell

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Scarlett Higgins

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Gregory Martin

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Rennie Sparks




creative writing, memoir, fiction, postmodernism, mystery

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