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Spring 5-1-2020


The Ridgeway Ghost is a memoir in essays about alcohol and alcoholism, about the way my father’s alcoholism has affected my life, about the way that generational alcoholism in my father’s family has affected my life, my relationships, and the way I think about myself. It’s about how place and culture can create the ideal circumstances for addiction to take root in a family and never let go. The story told through The Ridgeway Ghost isn’t unique – it’s abundantly common – but through this selection of essays I analyze the culturally embedded mentality of drinking as a staple of life in Wisconsin and the way functional alcoholism can crater a person or a family.

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MFA Creative Writing

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Gregory Martin

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Lisa Chavez

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Andrew Bourelle

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Marisa P. Clark

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Matthew Cashion




Memoir, Nonfiction, Midwest, Wisconsin, Coming of age, Alcoholism

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Available for download on Monday, July 31, 2119