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Spring 5-9-2019


This is a full-length memoir and cultural commentary that explores sex and gender, sexuality and queerness, and sexual assault and harassment. Specifically, it focuses on how my upbringing in a conservative suburb of Portland, Oregon, with politically conservative, but sexually liberal parents, and the rhetoric of third-wave feminism, forced me to question what it truly means to be a “strong, independent woman.”

The book follows my coming of age as a queer woman. I explore topics such as: porn, BDSM and kink, faking orgasms, consent and coercion, and how faux-empowerment lead has led to low self-worth for girls in my generation. I also explore the ways in which third-wave feminism has contributed to performative female sexuality and self-objectification, and the ways in which queerness and kink can provide a better framework for sex.

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MFA Creative Writing

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Gregory Martin

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Lisa Chavez

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Julie Shigekuni

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