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Body as News

Publication Date

Spring 4-18-2018


This poetry collection deals with the intersections of sexuality, spirituality, and the physical body. The work is centered in the examination of relationships that range from the personal, intimate, familial, and religious. The poems are often, though not always, confessional in nature. I am interested in exploring tensions between content, form, and style to create meaning. The work in the manuscript balances itself between realms of magic, dream, and physical and psychological reality. My intention with this collection is to evoke a space for psychic reckoning and a sense of human understanding. My hope is that the work resists isolation or separation— and instead provides opportunities for closeness, recognition, and intimate dialectic between the reader and the work.

Degree Name

MFA Creative Writing

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First Committee Member (Chair)

Lisa Chavez

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Marisa Clark

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Scarlett Higgins

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Tiffany Bourelle

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Dana Levin





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