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Kenneth Lash

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Spring 5-31-1948


As the title of this paper indicates, I assume the existence of an important relationship between the idea and the aesthetic expression of it. I believe that this relationship takes shape as an influence of content upon form. Certainly this is not a new hypothesis, but I have not yet seen a careful examination of it in connection with the novel. Nor is there, so far as I know, any general agreement upon the extent of this influence.

I have chosen to examine content in the light of its concept of evil. This is not a completely arbitrary choice...I found this especially true of the novel, a form of literature which, in its greater manifestations, might in one sense be termed a vision of evil...These attitudes comprised, at least of the novel, the matter of content. It seemed certain that they must somehow have ramifications into form.

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George Warren Arms

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Cecil Vivian Wicker

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Hubert Griggs Alexander




Aesthetics, Evil, Novel, Emily Bronte, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Henry James, Leo Tolstoy, Gustave Flaubert, Herman Melville

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