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Laura Burr

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The purpose of this study was to determine how a mathematics coach made decisions when coaching a middle school mathematics teacher on using classroom discourse in a reform mathematics classroom. This was a researcher participant qualitative study using design experiment methodology in which the coaching process was studied in an environment that is typical of an educational coaching setting. The teacher and coach/researcher made conjectures on what was happening in the classroom based on observations; the conjectures provided the basis for the development of the interventions. The teacher modified her pedagogy using the interventions; the results of the pedagogical changes were discussed as the teacher and coach engaged in discourse in the coaching sessions. The process was repeated four times over an eight-month period. In this study, the researcher found that the coachs decisions were based on the teacher's current beliefs and practice, the relationship between the coach and the teacher, and current educational research related to the topics addressed in the coaching sessions. Finally, implications for the coaching process are discussed.'


Coaching, Mathematics education, Classroom discourse, Decision-making

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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