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The objectives of this study are: 1. To gather together the most important facts from the fields of music, art, literature, science and socioeconomics which, in the writer's opinion and in the opinions of experts in these fields, have been of the greatest influence in the development of Western Civilization, 2. To present these facts in chronological order in an organized and systematic fashion in order to provide an easily accessible reference for teachers of grades five through twelve, 3. To show how the various areas already stated are chronologically related throughout the history of Western Civilization, 4. To give wide, general concepts of the development of the several phases of the development of civilization from Man's beginnings on the earth throughout the Occidental Culture to the present time, 5. To present these data in a terminology which the layman can understand, since this document is not for consumption by experts, but for the average busy teacher who does not find time to study extensively in areas outside his particular interest field.

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