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Fall 9-29-2023


This phenomenological study research presents an option to use both discourse in the native language and technology as an alternative to improve the understanding of mathematics in secondary education. 13 students whose native language is Spanish attended a high school in a large urban school district in the Southwest of the United States, participated in this study.

The study's main objective was to observe the effects of using students' discourse in their language and the support of technology to increase their academic literacy in mathematics. Solution-based pedagogy was central to helping students achieve the Development of Academic Literacy in Mathematics with Technology (DALMaT).

Qualitative observations from the after-school tutoring sessions where the study was developed, as well as the analysis of video and audio recordings, students' interactions while solving mathematics problems, and the results of different questionnaires, were used to identify the critical elements in the construction of students' learning.

The combination of peer tutoring, the use of students' discourse, and technology allowed students to focus on the demonstration of the solution of problems by knowing the final resolution of problems before solving them.

The methodology presented in this study can provide examples to current and pre-service teachers of how technology and discourse could increase academic literacy in mathematics as a critical element to improve the learning, understanding, and connections of mathematics at secondary levels.


discourse, mathematics, academic literacy, technology, solution based

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