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Spring 5-4-2023


This phenomenological study considered Socratic seminars and student perceptions. Research on Socratic seminars considers student achievement, but lacks students’ perspectives. This study’s purpose is to describe seminar participation for students at a Paideia School. Research questions include 1) “From the students’ perspectives, and based on their personal judgments and perceptions, what is it the lived experience for high school freshmen and sophomores who regularly participate in Socratic seminars?” and 2) “What effect does regular participation in Socratic seminars have on students’ perceptions of their own engagement in school?” Fourteen students were interviewed. Analysis yielded four themes: Open Exchange of Ideas and Opinions Among Peers, Sense of Connection to Others, Student-Centered Learning and Growth, and Applicability of Socratic Seminar to Other Disciplines and to Life. Participants reported engagement in school, with seminars positively affecting engagement.


Socratic seminar, Socratic method, student-centered, student engagement

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Dr. Marjori M. Krebs

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Educational Leadership

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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