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Summer 7-12-2022


The landscape of higher education has shifted over the last ten years. Student needs have changed. Educational institutions have begun to change the way they conduct business to support student needs more fully including just-in-time communications that are focused and customized to the individual student. Higher education institutions are using text nudges to support student outcomes from enrollment to graduation. This study evaluated the impact of text nudges on retention at a large, urban community college in the southwest region of the United States. The study found a small, negative relationship between the number of text nudges received and fall to spring retention when controlling for other variables. The logistic regression model predicted 24.5% of the variation in the predicted probability of retention. Additionally, the research found a relationship between number of text nudges and retention using cross-tabulation analysis in which students who received more text nudges had higher retention.


text messages, behavioral economics, nudging, community college, retention

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Educational Leadership

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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