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One of the first tasks of mothering is the feeding of the child. It is recognized that certain mothers have difficulty carrying out this function. If the mother has extreme difficulty with this task, her child is at risk for neurologic and the subsequent educational problems.

This study looked at the amount of stress in the mother in the year preceding delivery to the rate of weight gain in her child. The hypothe­sis that mothers with increased stress would have the greatest difficulty feeding their infants could not be accepted. There was, however, an in­dication that once the total stress in the mother exceeded 300 points, the observed weight gain decreased.

Physical growth is only one measurement of mother-child interaction. The overall development of competence in children may be influenced by the mother's ability to respond to the increased motor activity and de­mand for language in the one-to two-year-old child. The role of stress in the mother over time needs to be investigated in the framework of the mother-child interaction.

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