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Spring 5-14-2022


The purpose of this sequential explanatory mixed methods case study was to examine how current secondary mathematics (6-12) teachers (SMTs) perceived their teacher preparation. The population consisted of 27 current SMTs who taught mathematics in a southwestern state of the United States. The first research question asked how SMTs perceived that mathematics methods courses influenced mathematical knowledge for teaching (MKT). The second research question examined ways in which content and instruction in mathematics methods courses contributed to the teaching of mathematics

. During quantitative phase, 27 SMTs completed the questionnaire. Chi-Square statistical analysis showed no significant relationship between participants’ mathematics methods course and readiness to teach mathematics. During qualitative phase, an analysis of semi-structured interviews revealed that mathematics methods course(s) had little influence on the development of MKT, and teachers considered themselves not ready to teach mathematics effectively.

The findings might lead to positive social change such as curriculum revisions to develop mathematics teachers’ MKT to improve future instruction. The findings suggested possibilities of informing preparation of secondary mathematics teachers and a framework of coursework that could influence the development of MKT during mathematics teacher preparation for secondary schools.


Content Knowledge for Teaching, Pedagogical Knowledge, Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching, Rote Learning, Mathematics for Teachers, Mathematics Methods Courses

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