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Fall 11-15-2018


The college athletic recruiting process at times can be overwhelming, confusing, and intimidating. It is my hope that Playing Sports in College: Understanding the Factors that Influence the College Choice Process for High School Student-Athletes will alleviate some of the questions associated with the recruiting process and allow prospective student-athletes to pursue their college student-athlete dreams by offering simple advice, some basic ground rules, and plenty of inspiration.

This book is a go-to guide for the numerous questions that arise during the recruiting process and can be used when a student-athlete begins the recruiting process and it can be referred to throughout the recruiting process. Every type of student-athlete, from the elite player who wants to go professional after college, to the recreational athlete who wants a spot on a college team can use my book.

This book will keenly enlighten prospective student-athletes on the importance of sport specialization instead of sport diversification and offer many helpful tips for high school success in both academics and athletics. Throughout this book I provide the reader with objective comparisons between various college athletic programs as well as additional insights into finding the right school. I examine college scholarships, vital NCAA rules and regulations, time management skills, what college coaches are looking for, and player stories. Each chapter offers superb candid guidance for today’s generation of students who want useful, straightforward information on the athletic recruiting process.


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