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The indigenous natives of the Western Hemisphere known as Amerinds, are endowed with numerous Mongolian characteristics indicating the racial stock from which they have derived. Today, those Amerinds residing in North America are known as American Indians, whose numbers total well over 400,000 in the United States. Of this total there are some 110. 000 living in the Southwest of which over 45,000 reside in New Mexico. This Indian population broadly includes a portion of the Navajo Tribe, which constitutes the greater percentage of the total, the Apaches, and the numerous groups of Pueblo Indians. There were undoubtedly earlier probes into North America by the Nordics than that .dated 1492, which is so generally ascribed to as Western European entrance into the Western Hemisphere. Following this early voyage to the New World by Christopher Columbus a number of other Western Europeans brought to this newly discovered continent cultural aspects and ways of life which were at nearly total variance with those of the established Amerinds.

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