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It was the purpose of this study: (1) to trace the historical development, through various levels, of the certification of professional educational personnel in New Mexico; (2) to note the extent to which the schools of the state had reached or exceeded state-prescribed standards for their educational personnel from 1912 to 1958; and (3) to use widely accepted factors which may indicate whether improved educational levels in the state had accompanied higher certification requirements. Factors which were used as indicators are the following:

Number of new eighth grade graduates as a percentage of the population.

Number of new high school graduates as a percentage of the population.

Percentage of total school enrollment in high school.

Percentage of total population enrolled as freshman in the state's institutions of higher learning.

Rejection rate by the military for illiteracy at various periods.

Percentage of the eligible population that voted at various periods.

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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