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Summer 7-6-2018


This study explored the intersection of the Common Core State Standards and the field of Deaf Education, specifically the impact of the Common Core on the pedagogy of elementary mathematics teachers of the deaf. Pedagogy was defined as the union of the philosophy and methodology of teaching a teacher uses.

This study made use of an explanatory sequential mixed methods research design, which included a phase of quantitative data collection through a survey of elementary mathematics teachers in Deaf Schools in Common Core states and a phase of qualitative data collection through interviews with a sub-sample of participants from the quantitative phase. For the quantitative phase, I used an instrument I created for this study, the Deaf Education Common Core Mathematics Pedagogy questionnaire, which explored demographics, beliefs about teaching, and methods used in teaching by elementary mathematics teachers who teach in Deaf Schools in Common Core states. The instrument was disseminated using an online platform and was analyzed for reliability post-survey. Sixty teachers participated in the survey and their data were analyzed using descriptive statistics.

The qualitative phase included comments made during the survey and interviews I conducted with eight volunteers who had participated in the quantitative portion of the study. I analyzed these data using qualitative analysis coding following a phenomenological lens.

The Common Core is having an impact on teachers of the deaf and hard-of-hearing, although the impact is a mixture of positive and negative. When the quantitative and qualitative data were integrated, six key themes emerged.


Education, Deaf Education, Common Core, Pedagogy

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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