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Statement of the problem: This study attempts to determine the degree of efficiency with which exceptional children function in regular classrooms and the extent of their social acceptance.

Importance of the study: Because it is necessary for a large percentage of exceptional children to be educated in the regular classrooms of the public school system, it is important to obtain information concerning the achievement such children make in this situation and the degree of social acceptance they are able to win in the peer group.

Delimitation of the problem: This study is concerned with teacher-selected exceptional children from twenty-one sixth-grade classes of seven elementary schools of the Albuquerque, New Mexico Public School System. The teacher-selected children include those deviant in mental abilities, reading disabilities, visual, hearing and speech handicaps, physical conditions resulting from injuries and diseases, emotional and behavior disturbances, and special creative talents in various fields. The children are from widely divergent backgrounds. ranging from those whose parents represent high educational and economic settings to those from less favored environments.

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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