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Summer 6-8-2017


Issues of campus safety are being addressed on campuses nationwide because of the requirements set forth by the Clery Act, Title IX, and the Campus Sexual Assault Violence Elimination Act. The purpose of this qualitative study was to deeply understand experiences of senior student affairs officers (SSAO) at small colleges and universities who have implemented federal campus safety mandates. Their experiences, offered insight into how SSAOs used these experiences to inform their own professional growth, and contribute to the student affairs profession. I utilized a qualitative phenomenological approach and conducted multiple semi-structured interviews with three SSAOs at small colleges and universities. I also conducted document analysis of organizational charts, institutional policies, websites, and program information. The research philosophy underlying my research included elements from both feminist and constructivist paradigms.


campus safety, senior student affairs officer, student affairs leadership, small colleges and universities, phenomenology, meaning making

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Educational Leadership

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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