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Summer 6-2-1939


The Spanish-American Normal School, a state institution located in Rio Arriba County, is a school in which the population of the state should be greatly interested, but aside from the meager information available in the yearly budget there is very little to be learned, expect by personal contact, about the school.

It is the purpose of this survey (1) to study those factors which surround the school, affecting it and even to some extent determining the purposes of the school; (2) to examine the internal structure of the school; and (3) to recommend such changes in the internal structure as may seem necessary to make the school more able to fulfill its purposes.


Spanish-American Normal School, New Mexico, Rio Arriba County, Educational Leadership

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Educational Leadership

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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Simon Peter Nanninga

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Everett Hays Fixley

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V.C. Keich