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Summer 6-2-1941


The ability to read is basic to the acquisition of knowledge in all school subjects. Consequently, classroom teachers have long been interested in what determines readiness for reading, and in tests which will predict reading achievement. Prominent among those which have appeared in recent years is the Betts Ready to Read Tests which in reality are a series of twelve individual vision tests that require expensive equipment, a great deal of time, and a certain amount of technical skill to administer, score, and interpret.

The purposes of this investigation are (1) to determine the predictive values of the factors of binocular vision in reading readiness, as measured by the Visual Sensation and Perception Tests of the Betts Ready to Read Tests, and (2) to compare the relative values of the Betts tests as measures of probable future success in reading with those other group and individual standardized and non-standardized predictive testing.


Betts Ready to Read Tests, Standardized Testing

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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