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Spring 3-4-1949


It is the purpose of this study (1) to analyze those New Mexico School laws which have been enacted since 1931; (2) to criticize them on the basis of their particular value, or lack of value, to public education in New Mexico; and (3) to suggest revisions which closely parallel the recommendations of outstanding research groups and authorities in the field of educational administration.

State school law is the foundation upon which a state education system is built. In view of this fact, it is highly important that those laws be periodically studied by educations in order that those which are antiquated, outmoded, and harmful may be supplanted by new laws which are designed to meet current educational needs.


New Mexico, School Laws, History of Education, Educational Administration, Finance, Taxation, J.E. Seyfried

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Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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