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Writing and the power of the written word is a very important aspect of our literate society and writing is integrated into all aspects of our daily life. Good writing skills are paramount in social and educational institutions where textual production and related writing activities represent the main framework for knowledge production and dissemination (MacArthur, Graham, Fitzgerald, 2006). According to MacArthur et al. (2006), writing allows us to communicate with others who are removed by distance and time; it can foster and preserve a sense of heritage and purpose among larger groups of people, and can convey knowledge and ideas that represent an important and essential part of any sociocultural and educational system. Writing not only is representative of knowledge in a specific cultural and social system but also and more importantly, is fundamental for knowledge production and dissemination in any social, cultural and educational institution (Tolchinsky, 2006). vi The purpose of this study was to investigate the acquisition of academic writing in international students by using Vygotskys system of meaning as theoretical and methodological framework. The use of Vygotsky's theory was crucial to unfold the dynamic processes of academic writing in English as L2 in the participants in this study. The analysis of academic writing in English as L2 at the intersection of the sociocultural and cognitive is the first step in investigating academic writing by applying a more systematic theoretical lens in second language writing and writers.'


Academic writing, English language--Study and teaching--Foreign speakers, Students, Foreign--Education--United States

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