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The purpose of this study was to answer the following question: How many learning disabled individuals, who have graduated from a special education work study program in the North Area of the Albuquerque Public Schools within the past five years (1972-1976) are presently, or have been employed? The sample population was made up of twenty-nine learning disabled graduates of special education work study programs within North Area (nineteen males and ten females). Only those individuals who had a full scale IQ score of 75 or above and were in the work study program a minimum of two years were included in this study. Securing data for this study involved two phases. The first was to examine students' records at their home school and at the North Area office for appropriate information. The second phase consisted of personal contact with each subject. A special education graduate student was utilized to interview and complete the employment questionnaire after written permission was given. The employment questionnaire was designed to elicit information pertinent to past and present employment status. The data collected was descriptive in nature and presented in tabular form. Question pertaining to present employment status revealed that 92.85% of the males were working full-time, while one male was working part-time. Eighty-three percent of the females were employed full-time and one female was working part-time. The following recommendations were based on the sample population of this study: (1) The need exists for more follow-up studies of LD graduates from special education work study programs to determine their economic independence after leaving high school. (2) Further research needs to be conducted comparing the post-school economic adjustment of the same population with a group with similar IQ scores, but who have never been placed in a work study program for special education students.

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