Special Education ETDs

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Summer 7-15-2021


The Saudi Ministry of Education and Saudi universities have taken significant steps toward meeting the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 by reviewing the performance of teacher preparation programs in Saudi universities to improve the quality of teacher preparation, including for those who teach students with intellectual disability (ID). Therefore, the purpose of this study was to explore the perceptions of recently graduated unplaced teachers (RGUTs) specializing in ID toward their preparation, and to identify how these programs can be continuously improved. Five themes emerged based on the analysis of their responses in the interviews: (a) the RGUTs’ motivations to become special education teachers; (b) the RGUTs’ perceptions of the programs’ coursework; (c) the RGUTs’ perceptions of their field experience; (d) the RGUTs’ perceptions of professional development preparation in their preparation programs; and lastly (e) the RGUTs’ recommendations for teacher preparation programs. Implications, limitations, and future research are also provided.

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Special Education

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Special Education

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Ruth Luckasson

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Susan Copeland

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Allison Nannemann

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Jan Armstrong