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Fall 11-12-2020


This study aimed to examine (1) levels of parental involvement among parents from different ethnic groups, and (2) factors predicting parental involvement in their children’s special education. A total of 112 parents from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds participated in the study. A survey study was conducted to investigate how marital status, parental education levels, income, perception about school climate, their belief of roles in parental involvement, and parental perception of self-efficacy for helping the child succeed in school impacted the level of parental involvement in their children’s home-based and school-based activities. The survey was sent out to the center directors of the non-profit organizations that supported families of children with disabilities. Hierarchical multiple regression analyses were used to explore to what extent the six factors predicted home-based and school-based involvement. The results indicated that marital status and parental education levels predicted parent involvement in general. Beliefs in roles and self-efficacy predicted combined home-based and school-based involvement. Parental education levels and beliefs in parents’ roles to be involved in their children’s education had impacts on home-based involvement.


Parental Involvement in Special Education, Students with disabilities, Factors, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse, Model of Parental Involvement

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