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Due to the growing restlessness created by the continuous, systematic and indiscriminate use of drugs in North American society, it is generally agreed upon by most scientists that there is an urgent and indispensable need for scientific research in this area.

The essential base for the construction of a general theory about drug addiction and its individual and social implications, undoubtedly takes its roots from research and case studies differentiated by (1) personality types, (2) ethnic groups, (3) social class origin, (4) different types of drugs, (5) circumstances of addiction, and (6) various forms of rehabilitation.

The narrowing down to a given drug, utilized by a specific human group, and a limited number of individuals, has undoubtedly allowed us to add depth to our analysis. Likewise, it permit us to produce partial studies which later will serve as comparative elements.

These, among others, were the reasons for which we limited the present investigation to a group of 10 Spanish-American males, ranging between 21 and 50 years of age, that were ex-heroin addicts and had participated in some form of a rehabilitative program.

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