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The purpose of this study was to: (a) identify which behaviors from the Systematic Screening for Behavior Disorders (SSBD) Critical Events Index occur in male Saudi Arabia primary schools and how often teachers perceive their occurrence; (b) determine the extent of concern male Saudi Arabia primary school teachers report regarding these behaviors; and (c) investigate male Saudi Arabia primary school teachers perception regarding the importance of taking courses that emphasize students' behavior problems and how to deal with them. A sample of 381male participants responded to the call to participate in the study. These participants were recruited from six different regions from Saudi Arabia. A questionnaire and four open-ended questions were used to collect the data. Quantitative analyses were conducted to answer the research questions. Findings revealed that all the behaviors included in the SSBD occur (to some extent) in Saudi Arabia primary schools with the exception of one behavior. Behaviors that occurred more frequently included both internalizing and externalizing behavior problems. Teachers were concerned to some degree about all the behaviors included, but were more concerned about the externalizing behavior problems. Similar results were found when the data were analyzed according to the geographic regions of participants and by participants' years spent in service. Participants also reported other behaviors occurred in their classrooms that are not included in the SSBD. While general education teachers see more behavior problems than special education teachers, they were less concerned about these behaviors compared to special education teachers. While all participants valued the importance of the courses concerning student's behavior problems, the majority of participants had not taken any of this course work during their pre-service preparation studies because these courses were not offered at the universities/colleges where they had studied. Others who did take such courses indicated that they were not useful for many reasons. They provided some useful suggestions to make these courses more effective. Among the several limitations related to this study, one must note that only male teachers participated in the study and therefore, the results apply only to male teachers and students. Recommendations for educators and legislators were provided.'


Behavioral assessment of children -- Saudi Arabia, Boys -- Education -- Saudi Arabia, Systematic Screening for Behavior Disorders -- Saudi Arabia

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