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Fall 12-11-1992


The problem of changing individual ethnic prejudice through a type of social intervention in the workplace was investigated. Intercultural Synergy Training, an intervention method with potential usefulness for many types of organizations, was administered. Elements of the method were drawn from theories of prejudice and intercultural training literature. A randomly-selected group (n=l7) of staff members at a Job Corps center in a southwestern U.S. city was given a four-hour course in intercultural relations (Intercultural Synergy Training). The group trained and a randomly-selected control group (n=18) were then administered an ethnocentrism measure called the Association Questionnaire. Analysis of the results showed no significant difference in the ethnocentrism levels of the two groups. It was concluded that although some practical benefits may accrue from training, ethnocentrism levels are not necessarily changed. Suggestions for improving the training and experimentation approach are discussed.

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Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies

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John Rinaldi

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