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Fall 12-15-2017


This paper examines the use of four different modalities to teach the correct assembly and administration method to use a naloxone nasal device. Naloxone is a medication which can reverse an opioid overdose when administered correctly. This specific device has been used for over a decade, and has been instrumental in opioid prevention educational programs to bystanders and individuals who use substances (NMDOH, 2017). Prior research studies utilizing naloxone nasal devices, have included outcome data collected from programs which train individuals who use opioids, and distribute the naloxone nasal device (Kerr, 2008). Others have included examination of curriculum content with participant recall of information from the training (Green, 2008; Strang, 2008). This study and paper examines two specific portions of an opioid overdose prevention and response curriculum, how to assemble the device and how to use the device to administer naloxone on an individual who is overdosing. Four different educational modalities were examined to determine the most effective.


naloxone, opioids, opioid overdose, opiate, narcan, harm reduction

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Individual, Family, and Community Education

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