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Spring 3-23-2017


This study is an attempt to capture the influence of race in spousal relationships experiences within Black-White multiracial marriages. Using phenomenological methodology, qualitative analytical techniques are used to answer the research questions: How does race and racial identity impact the relationships among individuals within Black-White interracial marriages? And, what role does race play in the inner working of Black-White interracial marriages? This study examines the lived experiences of five Black-White interracial marriages through the understanding of each individual’s racial identity and the role of race within the marriage. Understanding the lived experiences of these Black-White interracial marriages, revealed three themes: 1) Connection/disconnection with racial group; 2) Marital identity and; 3) Personal identity. In this study, each theme is defined and exampled using the illustrations of each participant.


Black-White relationships, discrimination, Interracial marriage, prejudice, marriage, race, racism

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Family Studies

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Individual, Family, and Community Education

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Dr. Cathy Gutierrez-Gomez

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Dr. Ryan Kelly

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Dr. Ricky Allen

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Dr. Esther Devall

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