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Originating from the field of library science, information literacy (IL) is defined as a broad set of skills and abilities necessary to locate, evaluate and use information ethically and legally. This important skill set is incorporated into general competency requirements for postgraduate residency programs, however no standardized instrument currently exists to measure resident physician IL knowledge and skills. This study addresses that gap by developing and pilot testing an instrument aimed at measuring information literacy competence in resident physicians. The author constructed a questionnaire of sixty-nine multiple-choice items to assess skills covering five IL domains. Utilizing the Content Validity Ratio (CVR) methodology, validity evidence of the test content was evaluated by a panel of twenty physicians and five health sciences librarians. A draft instrument was administered to a convenience sample of resident physicians at the University of New Mexico. Psychometric properties of the test scores were evaluated using item analyses. Data from the item analyses was used to guide the item retention process. Each item was reviewed for corrected item-total correlation value to gauge level of item discrimination and P-values for item difficulty. Cronbachs alpha-if-item-deleted, CVR scores established by the validity panel, and the test blueprint were also considered. Based on the analyses, 32 items (46%) were eliminated from the original pool of 69 items resulting in a revised instrument containing 37 items. This study adds to the knowledge base of information literacy and graduate medical education assessment and continues the effort toward creating effective measurement tools in library science and physician education.'


Information Literacy, Graduate Medical Education, Resident Physician, Instrument Development, Item Development, Item Analyses, Test Blueprint, Content Validity Ratio (CVR), Evidence-based medicine, Measurement

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