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Lori Miller

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This study investigated the level of confidence that pre-service teachers have in regards to Career Decision Self-Efficacy. Career Decision Self-Efficacy is a persons belief and personal judgment of one's capability to perform career decision-making and career development tasks. The goal of this study was to discover the Career Decision Self-Efficacy needs of the pre-service teacher population in order to identify possible interventions. A demographic questionnaire and the Career Decision Self-Efficacy Scale (CDSE) consisting of Total Score, and five subscales: Self-Appraisal, Occupational Information, Goal Selection, Planning, and Problem Solving were used to assess 195 students in two junior level college classes that are required for a degree in Teacher Education. Descriptive statistics were used to describe the pre-service teachers. The data were analyzed using t tests and one-way ANOVAs. In five demographics: gender, age, financial source of income, whether the participants have children or not, and GPA, statistical significance was determined between the Career Decision Self-Efficacy Scale scores and these demographics. The results not only provided a descriptive picture of the participants, the outcome of this study provided information that can assist in possible interventions that can be implemented to better support pre-service teachers in their career endeavors.'


Career Decision Self-Efficacy, Pre-service Teacher

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Individual, Family, and Community Education

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