Individual, Family, and Community Education ETDs

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Summer 8-1-2023


This study aims to look for relationships between the characteristics and experiences of teacher candidates while in the program and their subsequent workforce entry after leaving the program. A hierarchical logistic regression was conducted on five blocks of variables: demographics, entry academic variables, program academic variables, completion variables, and experience variables, with employment in a New Mexico public school as the dependent variable. The rate of completers working in NM public schools was much higher than expected, 73% compared to 55%. Only the block of completion variables was significantly related to entering the workforce. A few individual variables were also significantly related, with New Mexico residents more likely to work in NM public schools, Early Childhood completers less likely to work in NM public schools, and completers who passed all licensure exams on the first attempt less likely to work in NM public schools than those who failed at least one exam.


teacher preparation, workforce entry, teacher shortage, New Mexico

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Educational Psychology

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Individual, Family, and Community Education

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Jay Parkes

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