Individual, Family, and Community Education ETDs

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Fall 12-4-2020


This study examined mothers ’reports on types of childcare arrangement for a preschool-age child, levels of mothers’, fathers’, and relatives’ involvement in childcare at home, maternal satisfaction with childcare arrangement, the influence of socioeconomic status and social support on mothers ’satisfaction with childcare arrangement, and the nature of mothers ’affection, responsiveness, encouragement, and teaching behaviors during mother-child play sessions. The sample consisted of 130 New Mexico mothers from two-parent families with a preschool child. A subsample of four mothers was selected for collecting data on mother-child play interactions through a 10-minute observation session. Analyses suggested that mothers were the primary caregivers for their preschool children at home and they were satisfied with their child’s paid childcare arrangement. Practical reasons, opportunities for social interactions, and the quality of care were the most important factors for selecting a childcare arrangement. The community support variable was linked to mothers’ satisfaction with childcare arrangement.


childcare arrangment, preschool children, mothers' satisfaction, involvement in childcare at home, community support

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Family Studies

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Individual, Family, and Community Education

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Ziarat Hossain

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David Atencio

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David Witherington

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