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The purpose of this study is to produce an accurate record of unique events in the formation and development of the Oklahoma High School Athletic Association, in order that some valuable generalizations from a consideration of those experiences may serve as a guide in present and future situations. In the effort to recount the history of the organization, it has been deemed essential that (1) trends in the development of the association be determined; (2) comparison be made with similar associations in other states; and (3) that causes and reasons be found for the establishment, continued existence, and growth of the organization with which this study is concerned.

Delimitation of the problem: In this report it is sought to apply the method of historical research to a study of the Oklahoma High School Athletic Association itself, with only such reference to other State Associations as may aid in setting up criteria for a sound organization. County and District groups (conferences) are considered only to the extent they affect, or are affected by, the state unit.

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