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Summer 7-13-2017


Background: Compare health coaching efficacy on weight loss, physical activity, and glycemic control between individualized video conferencing (VC), in-person (IP) and control (CG) groups of adults with high BMI.

Methods: Thirty adults (BMI≥30 kg/m2) were randomly assigned to create three groups of 10 members each. Participants received a wireless accelerometer watch and weight scale to sync with their personal smartphones and downloaded apps. Participants assigned to VC and IP received weekly health coaching individualized based on data uploaded over the 12-wk intervention. Steps/day and weight loss were analyzed via analyses of covariance (ANCOVA). Between-group ANOVAs analyzed post-intervention changes in weight (kg), glucose, HbA1c, and HOMA-IR.

Results: Weight loss (8.23±4.5kg; 7.7%) was greater (pp≤.05); VC consistently had the higher step/day averages. No between-group differences were found for any glycemic control markers.

Conclusion: Our innovative, multidisciplinary, telemedicine health coaching delivered through video conferencing led to favorable changes in weight loss, physical activity, and HOMA-IR that surpassed changes when health coaching was delivered in person or was absent. Future studies using video conferencing to investigate health coaching delivered in group and individualized formats and for other population subgroups are needed as are studies investigating the impact of weight loss on other health outcomes (e.g. lipid profile, glycemic control, and inflammatory markers).


video conferencing, weight loss, Mhealth, telemedicine, glycemic control

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