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Spring 5-13-2017


Purpose: To investigate: 1) if a self-paced (SP) graded exercise testing protocol elicits similar and reliable maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) responses compared to a ramp (RAMP) treadmill protocol; 2) the impact of SP on cardiac output (Q), stroke volume (SV), and arteriovenous oxygen difference (a-vO2diff); and 3) the metabolic response during SP through blood lactate (BLa-) accumulation and ventilatory threshold (VT) attainment. Methods: Sixteen recreationally trained men (23.7±3.0 yrs) completed two separate treadmill graded exercise testing protocols. SP consisted of five 2-min stages (10 min total) of increasing speed based on the Borg RPE6-20 scale. RAMP consisted of increases in speed by 0.16 km/hr every 15 s until volitional exhaustion. All tests were performed at 3% incline. VO2 was measured via indirect calorimetry, hemodynamic function was measured via thoracic impedance, and BLa- was measured via portable lactate analyzer. Differences between SP and RAMP protocols were analyzed as group means by using paired samples t-tests (R Core Team (2017)). Results: Maximal values for SP and RAMP were similar (p>0.05) for VO2max (47.1±3.4 vs. 47.4±3.4 mL•kg-1•min-1), heart rate(198±5 vs. 200±6 beat•min-1), ventilation(158.8±20.7 vs. 159.3±19.0 L•min-1), Q (26.9±5.5 vs. 27.9±4.2 L•min-1), SV (145.9±29.2 vs. 149.8±25.3 mL•beat-1), a-vO2diff (18.5±3.1 vs. 19.7±3.1 mL•dL-1), VT (78.2 ± 7.2 vs. 79.0 ± 7.6% VO2max), and peak BLa- (11.7±2.3 vs. 11.5±2.4 mM•L-1), respectively. Conclusions: SP elicits similar physiological responses in comparison to RAMP. These results support SP as a feasible GXT protocol. Electing to employ SP may benefit clinicians and researchers from a time-management perspective.


RPE-clamped, stroke volume, cardiac output, VO2max

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Health, Exercise, and Sports Sciences

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