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Fall 11-14-2016


This study evaluated the effect of weighted vest running (WVR) on fatty acid oxidation (FAox) and caloric expenditure at pre-designated exercise intensities (60,65,70,75,80% VO2max). Seventeen recreationally trained runners (9 men and 8 women) performed four separate graded exercise tests (GXT) separated by 24 hours each. The first graded exercise test (GXT) was performed to establish the workloads at specific exercise intensities. The following three GXTs tested WVR with a control (no vest), 5% body mass (BM) vest, and 10%BM vest, using 3-minute incrementally increasing steady rate stages. Indirect calorimetry was used to measure both FAox (g/min) and caloric expenditure (kcal/min). The ANOVA/ANCOVA analysis revealed that WVR significantly increased caloric expenditure (p < 0.05) and reduced FAox (p < 0.05). Pairwise comparisons revealed that caloric expenditure was significantly increased in the 10%BM condition at all exercise intensities compared with the control and 5%BM (except at 60% VO2max). Post-hoc comparisons showed that FAox was significantly decreased in the 10%BM WV at the 70 and 75% VO2max conditions only while all exercise intensities in the control and 5%BM trials were not significantly different from each other. As well, this study demonstrates that maximal FAox occurs at 60% VO2max in all conditions (control, 5%WV and 10%WV). When sex + fat free mass (FFM) + fat mass (FM) were included as covariates, FFM (kg) was found to have a significant influence (p < 0.001) on caloric expenditure. Lastly, fat mass (kg) was found to have the strongest influence on FAox (p = 0.07) as compared to FFM and sex.


Fatty Acid Oxidation, Caloric Expenditure, Substrate Oxidation, Sex Differences, Body Composition

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Physical Education, Sports and Exercise Science

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Health, Exercise, and Sports Sciences

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