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Prisons are high-risk environments for communicable disease transmission. The majority of incarcerated individuals return to their communities, many with untreated disease, creating a need for disease control, prevention and treatment within the prison population. Prisoner Health is Community Health: The New Mexico Peer Education Project (NMPEP) was developed by Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) to address the epidemic of Hepatitis C transmission in the New Mexico state prison system. NMPEP is a low-cost, peer-led health education intervention aimed to increase knowledge and harm reduction techniques among incarcerated individuals prior to returning to their communities. The model is innovative by incorporating a variety of teaching modalities, including face-to-face education, group discussions and the Project ECHO® teleconferencing model to enable peer educators in geographically dispersed areas to access experts, receive timely updates and share best practices as a group. The objective of this study is to evaluate the impact of the NMPEP on peer educators and the students they teach.


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