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Shira Potash

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There is substantial evidence linking obesity to lower incomes. Governmental food and farm policy directly affects the affordability, availability, and accessibility of healthy food in low-income areas. Policy also impacts the supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) and nutrition education for SNAP recipients. Documentary film is a powerful medium that can be used for social change. This paper explores the ways in which documentary film can be used to decrease health disparities and improve public health. Specifically it provides the scientific evidence and theoretical framework for the creation of the documentary film, Food Stamped. Similar to other popular documentary films such as Super Size Me and Sicko, Food Stamped uses a humorous and entertaining approach to investigate serious subject matter. The film critically examines the relationship between socio-economic status and the obesity epidemic. This paper provides a distribution and outreach strategy for the film, as well as recommendations for evaluation and further research in this area.


Food stamps--United States, Obesity--Social aspects--United States, Obesity--Economic aspects-United States, Public health--Social aspects--United States, Public health--Economic aspects--United States, Documentary films--Social aspects--United States

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