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The purpose of this quantitative dissertation was to examine factors determining self-regulation of pre-service physical education teacher education (PETE) students. There is a gap in the literature on self-regulatory capabilities of pre-service teachers and how they self-regulate their learning. Self-regulation theory, the foundation of this study, holds that the better one is at self-regulation, the better one is able to attain his or her goals. This research examined whether a relationship exists between pre-service physical education teachers self-regulation, goal-setting, strategy implementation, and strategy monitoring as a function of gender, year in program, current GPA, anticipated GPA upon graduation, and weekly study time. The relationship between variables was examined by implementing descriptive statistics and factorial ANOVA's. Pre-service physical education students at a major university in the southwest (n=141) were given the Five-Component Scale of Self-Regulation (FCSSR) (Maclellan & Soden, 2006) to measure self-regulation as based on the social cognitive theory. Results showed there was a significant relationship between pre-service physical education teachers overall self-regulation and how much they studied through their academic week. Gender, year in program, current GPA, and anticipated GPA upon graduation were not factors as measured against self-regulation and its subcomponents (goal-setting, strategy monitoring, and strategy implementation). These findings indicate self-regulating pre-service teachers utilize an optimal amount of study time throughout a given week. Additional findings showed there was statistical significance in the interactions between the participant's year in program and GPA in that the lower the GPA, the higher the self-regulatory skills are. This indicates there is a plateau effect as students mature in their self-regulatory abilities while in their PETE program.'


Student teachers--Psychology, Self-control--Research, Physical education teachers--Training of

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