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Local cooling, or cryotherapy can induce an ergogenic effect during short term intense exercise. One proposed method of personal cooling involves heat extraction from the palm using a device called the Rapid Thermal Exchanger (RTX). PURPOSE: In this study we hypothesized that local palm cooling during rest intervals between progressive weight training sets will increase total repetitions and exercise volume in resistance trained subjects in a thermoneutral environment and that local palm heating will have no effect. METHODS: Sixteen male subjects (mean±SD, age = 26±6 yr, height = 178±7 cm, body mass = 81.5±11.3kg, 1RM Bench press = 123.5±12.6 kg, % body fat = 10.3±5.4%, weight training experience = 10±6 yr) performed 4 sets of 85% 1RM bench press exercise to fatigue, with 3min rest intervals. Exercise trials were performed in counterbalanced order on three days, separated by at least 3 days; Thermoneutral (TN), Palm Heating (PH), and Palm Cooling (PC). Heating and cooling were applied using the RTX set to 45\uf0b0C and 10\uf0b0C, respectively. Data were analyzed using 2-way repeated measures ANOVA and Tukeys post hoc tests. RESULTS: Total exercise volume (kg) during the 4 PC sets (2480±636) was significantly higher than during TN (1972±632) and PH (2156±668) sets, (p <0.01). The RMS of the surface EMG with PC exercise was higher (p <0.01), and heart rate and RPE were lower (p <0.01 and p <0.05, respectively) during PC compared to TN and PH. CONCLUSION: Palm cooling was associated with increased exercise repetitions and exercise volume, possibly related to a delayed central fatigue or to a peripheral counter-irritation effect. These results suggest that palm cooling may enhance training during progressive resistive exercise.'


Weight lifting--Physiological aspects, Body temperature--Physiological effect

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