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Minhyun Kim

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The leadership practices exhibited by physical education teachers have been found to have a significant impact on promoting students learning. The main purpose of this study was to explore: (a) differences on middle school students' perception regarding expectancy-value and intrinsic motivation according to their grade, gender, and ethnicity, (b) the relationship between physical education teachers' transformational leadership and middle school students' expectancy-value and intrinsic motivation. To conduct this study, three questionnaires were employed: transformational teaching questionnaire (Beauchamp et al., 2010), expectancy-value questionnaire (Duncan & Tammen, 1989), and intrinsic motivation index (Eccles & Wigfield, 1995). A total of 295 middle school students participated in this study through a convenience sampling technique, and 262 questionnaires were used for the data analyses. Data collected were analyzed by descriptive, exploratory factor analysis, t-test, ANOVAs, and regression. The study results showed that generally 6th grade students perceived higher expectancy-value and intrinsic value than 8th grade students. Male students had higher expectancy-value and intrinsic value than female students. However, there was no statistically significant difference among ethnic groups. In addition, according to single regression, transformational leadership had a positive impact on students' expectancy-value and intrinsic motivation. Lastly, based on multiple regression, intellectual stimulation was a common factor that affected students' expectancy-value and intrinsic motivation positively. The results of the study support the importance of transformational leadership that affects middle school students' intrinsic motivation and expectancy-value in physical education. Thus, it is recommended that physical education teachers be able to understand and display appropriate leadership, in particular transformational leadership.'


Physical education, leadership, intrinscin motivation, expectancy-value

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