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Spring 3-15-2022


In response to changes in student performance and behavior, social and emotional learning (SEL) has received increasing attention and interest in education (Bartlett, 2019). Physical education (PE) has also given increased attention to implementing SEL in physical activity spaces (Richards et al., 2019). Thus, it is important to evaluate teachers’ beliefs about SEL in order to understand their willingness to implement this curriculum effectively. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relationships of several environmental and personal perceptions about teaching on PE teachers’ beliefs for implementing SEL. Physical educators (N = 157; 49.7% male) from the United States participated in this study. Teachers reported a lack of training on SEL as the largest barrier to implementing SEL in PE. MANOVA analysis showed suburban teachers reported higher perceived culture for implementing SEL, while urban teachers reported greater levels of importance.


social and emotional learning; physical education; physical education teachers

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Physical Education, Sports and Exercise Science

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Health, Exercise, and Sports Sciences

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