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This study was conducted in an effort to determine the sources of job attitudes of male and female interscholastic head coaches in the State of New Mexico. The Herzberg Dual-Factor Theory of job satisfaction formed the theoretical framework upon which this study was developed.


A 22 item Job Satisfaction Questionnaires and a Personal Data Sheet, accompanied by an introductory letter, were sent to the entire population of 559 male and female interscholastic head coaches in the State of New Mexico. The introductory lefter, follow-up letter, and fina I post card yielded 469 returns (83.9%) of which 457 were usable (81.8%).


Based on the findings of this investigation, the following conclusions seem warranted:

(1) The findings of this investigation reject the Herzberg postulate that sources of satisfaction ore found only in the work content, i.e, in doing the job, and sources of job dissatisfaction are found only in the work context, i.e., the environment in which the work was done.

(2) The Herzberg factor universe is inadequate for an accurate assessment of job attitudes of a population whose role calls for intensive interaction in the public sector and/or extra organizational activity.

(3) The summation of job factors (average) is not an accurate index of job satisfaction as perceived by male and female head coaches.

(4) Although significant results were not obtained, there was a tendency for successful performance in the coaching role to lead to satisfaction, i.e., performance leads to satisfaction.

(5) The methodology employed in this investigation may have influenced the results since a greater number of significant job attitudes were reported.

(6) The results of this investigation give reason to doubt the universality of the Herzberg DuaI-Factor Theory.

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