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Jan Armstrong

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The focus of this study is on the relationship between economic structure and patterns of culture acquisition in a developing nation. The study investigates some of the ways in which the macrocultural processes of cultural evolution, national integration, cultural reproduction, and neocolonialism operate upon and within Jamaican primary schools. It also describes the way in which such forces are reflected in the beliefs, values, and imagery of the children who attend these institutions. Unlike many of the empirical studies of education conducted within the sociostructural paradigm, the initial focus of this research was on a particular type of economic activity -- tourism -- rather than on the more general processes of development and economic stratification per se. Thus, the study compares schools and school populations located in communities that differ in the extent to which they are dependent on the tourism industry.


The data are comprised of 276 Mind's Eye Project Activity Booklets, as completed by participants. The hand written responses have been scanned to PDF and identifying information has been redacted.



Associated Publications

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