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Let us assume that, at this time and age, and in this paper, the economic efficiency of the West and its scientific and material achievements are set up as goals for development in what is called today underdeveloped or developing countries. In other words, we assume that people in the East desire the same things the West desires and that they will go about to obtain these things the same way people in the West did. (This will throw overboard the age-old scorn of material things, and the contempt of money-making business of the East.) We further assume that Western economics is applicable universally, and that the patterns of economic development that helped the West in the last centuries are supposed to help the East now, and that the economic yardsticks of the West can be used to measure economic progress of the East.

Thus, we will, even though it is unfair, scrutinize the economic plight of the East with a critical Western eye, and we will disregard the evils of economic development and industrialization condemned by Eastern ethics.

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