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Fall 9-8-1958


It is the purpose of this thesis to examine the publications of leading physical and social science societies 1946 through 1956 with a view to finding out the degree of importance that they attach to the world's present rate of population growth. As a result of this examination of scientific literature it is the thesis of this paper that the overwhelming majority of social and physical scientists believe that the present rate of growth of the world's population is one of the most contemporary problems. The attention given has been uneven among the scientific societies. Some have devoted an adequate number of pages considering the purpose of the organization, but others which it would seem should have primary responsibility in this field have ignored it entirely. For example, the American Historical Association and the American Political Science Association did not have a single lead article on the relation of population to their disciplines during the years considered.

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Department of Economics

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Julian Smith Duncan

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Josiah Cox Russell

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David Boyce Hamilton




Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Biology, Eugenics, Public Health, Economics, History, Sociology, Statistics

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