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Spring 6-6-1946


It is the purpose of this study (1) to indicate the origin and development of the Mescalero Apache Indian economy; (2) to show the reasons for its development; (3) to present a probable trend in the future of the Mescalero Apache Indian economically, as based upon past and present tribal economics.

This study has been made in the belief that there is a definite need to a fuller knowledge of the too-little-known economic history of the Mescalero Apache Indians. The roots of their economic philosophy go back many centuries, and thus it is important to trace, analyze and evaluate the bases of the present-day Mescalero Apache economic activities and institutions upon the foundations of their past.

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Department of Economics

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V.G. Sorell

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Paul Walter Jr.

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W. Parish




Mescalero Apache, Indigenous Economics, Reservation Era, Pre-Reservation Era, Mescalero Agency Program

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