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Fall 12-2021


The work in this dissertation examines unintended consequences from various public policies in education. The first policy examined is the adoption of the four-day school week schedule by public-school districts across the United States. Concerns over the additional weekend night for students are explored by examining teen traffic safety within the school district before and after adoption of the four-day schedule. The second policy examined is the usage of academic probation by universities. Student responses to being placed on academic probation vary, and financial implications for the student are a potential mechanism behind these responses. Student responses segmented by Pell status is explored throughout this chapter. The final policy examined is the introduction of charter schools throughout the United States. The effect of charter school competition on public-school district finances is explored and important differences are found depending on who establishes the charter school.

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Department of Economics

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Xiaoxue Li

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Melissa Binder

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Robert Berrens

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Becky Kilburn

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Sergio Ascencio


education economics; economics; applied economics; microeconomics

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